Fine Art - Sculpture & Expanded Practice, Performance Art, Intermedia.



Curriculum Adulterate (Charlie) - 2018. Mixed wood, blackboards, lock and key sets, hinges, chalk . 70x55cm.

A triptych consisting of appropriated BEKVÄM, SNIGLAR and LÄTT Ikea furniture items, now: 'Alpha', 'Bravo' and 'Charlie'.


Subject Matter

Curriculum Adulterate (Alpha) - 2018. Mixed wood, metal, coloured wooden beads. 60x53cm.

explores restriction and oppression with the ideas of judgement and punishment often manifesting in the context of class. The themes and issues that arise spring from the repressive nature of society and the constraint of its social systems. Some of the works refer to conditions and injustices such as addiction and alcoholism, access to education and homelessness in a direct way. Other artworks take a more layered approach in dealing with generational poverty, classism and working-class experience.




 The artwork utilises wood, concrete, metal, found items and mixed media to create objects, which at first glance appear to be utilitarian entities, domestic and innocent in nature. Self-assembled furniture is reworked to covertly interrupt its original function, providing an undercurrent of aggression. Another strand of the research takes the form of poetic texts or manifestos that underline and act as an embellished refrain in the work.